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Electric Vehicle Advertisements

Electric Vehicles

Electric Automobile Association,

The California Cars Initiative,

EV America

Electric Vehicle Parts


EV parts, Inc.,

Go EV,

Metric Mind Engineering.

Drive Gas Free,

Joseph's Flux Prop,

Motors and Controllers

KTA, sells Advanced DC motors

Advanced DC Motors.

Metric Mind Engineering. sells AC Motors & controllers

Hi-Torque Electric DC Motor upgrade [Jim Husted]


U. S. Battery.

Trojan Battery Company.

Full River Battery Company.

Nickle Metal Hydride Batteries for the enthusiast.

PowerStride Battery, your power connection.

LiFeBatt Lithium Iron Phosphate [LiFePO4],

K2 Energy Solutions, Inc, for lithium batteries. or

E-mail Dan Derson for K2ES information

Lead Acid Battery Equaliser,

Hardware [adapter plates & etc.]

KTA, sells hardware

Other Parts

KTA, sells all kindsof EV parts

Avcon. connectors


Information on the Electric Auto Association can be found at:

Information on Lead Acid Batteries can be found at:
Northern Arizona Wind & Sun.

Information on photovoltaics can be found at:
Independent Energy Solutions,

Information on Alternative Fuel Vehicles can be found at:
Alternative Fuel Vehicles,

Information on Education of the
Technology of Alternative Fuels can be found at:
Mr. Grosinger's Technology Education and Alternative Fuel web site

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